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Taking Requests

We do take all requests and love mixing everyone's favorite songs but one very important detail to think about. If the DJ is wearing his headphones and looks focused don't go over and start a conversation about your favorite music and how you sound like the next Mariah Carey. Most DJs can't focus and read the crowd on the dance floor when interrupted. It happens a lot. The best way to do this is write it down on a napkin or a piece of paper. Some DJs offer a request form close to their set up. I've had so many come to me wanting to share their favorite tracks on spotify, itunes, etc... Next thing I know the music stops and everyone wants to know why!? Oh, and if the dance floor is packed don't tell the DJ to play something fun, energetic just because you're not happy. Remember, there might be a playlist from the person who hired the DJ and that's what is playing and the fact you're not the only listener.

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