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Hey, this is DJ Clint Pittenger saying hello and welcome!

So, here is my story. I grew up in Hollywood, played in several garage glam punk metal bands, playing bass and guitar and eventually finding my way into the DJ booth around Los Angeles. Most of my time was spend in the underground scene. Music has always been a part of my life. Collecting vinyl since I was a kid and for a while enjoyed the Sunset Strip when it was popular.

As your DJ, I always make it my priority to make sure I know what music you want to hear and what kind of party you are having. I love to DJ more than anything, and when I do I want everyone to enjoy their time. Just so everyone knows I use a DJ board to mix not a laptop. I do use a laptop and software, but I still mix the music live.

My dad worked for the film industry as an extra, stuntman, had some small roles and loved to ride horses. We travelled all over from one rodeo to another. 

What movies did my dad work in? He was in Planet Of The Apes 1 & 2, the originals, MASH 4077, Little House On The Prarie, and many more. Mel Harris Pittenger, was a member of the SAG, and Stuntman's Association.

Mel Pittenger - IMDb (not updated)

Here you will find my mixes of mainstream, dance, house, hip hop, dubstep, dream pop, rock, industrial and so much more.
Mixing a variety of genres is so much fun and it gives everyone a chance
to listen to their favorite style of music.
I hope you enjoy the mixes 
and if there is a mix you would like to see let me know!
DJ Clint Pittenger .....

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