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Celebrating the day you were born is very important, especially to parents, family members and friends. It's a day they get to let you know how happy they are and excited they can celebrate your life.

When hiring us we always have great deals, and our DJ set ups are one of the best. We bring a big set up, lots of bass, if requested and lights are always included. 

As your DJ I take all requests and play your favorite songs and artist so you and everyone get to enjoy the mix. We always make sure to know what style you enjoy and go over some details before we start.

One thing we do is bring a hard drive with todays current mainstream, urban, dance, country and more. We get all of our music from professional networks working with DJs. Some of the companies we go through is Promo Only, Club killers, Bpmsupreme, DJ City, DMC and more. I spend a lot of time each week gathering music and making sure i am up to date.

Do we stream? Not really. Why? Even though the internet has been pretty stable we don't risk wanting any connection getting interrupted, so we make sure we bring what we need and still connect in case we need to download more music. Our goal is to make everything simple and easy.

If you have any questions about our services, music and set up reach out to me and I wll be more than happy to answer all your questions.

Thank you so much and I wish you an amazing day!!!

DJ KristianStarr

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